Health & Wellbeing

Date of initial investment:

June 2019

Bridges Executives:

Gal Hayut

Management team:

Eran Orr, CEO

XRHealth platform combines Medical applications with advanced data analytics, providing a comprehensive solution for clinicians and patients. Through gamification and immersive experience XR enables improved treatment efficacy and management leading to superior outcomes compared to traditional methods in areas of cognitive and motoric rehabilitation, pain management and stress relief.

We are proud to partner with Bridges Israel in our journey to lead the way in harnessing XR (VR/AR) to improve patient care across the world

Eran Orr, CEO XR Health


  • Traditional therapy inefficiencies: In some healthcare domains clinical diagnosis and therapeutic interventions suffer from lack of standardization, inconsistent efficacy and low patient compliance, resulting in sub-optimal treatment outcomes.
  • Health risks: Current pain management methods predominantly rely on anesthetic drugs or painkillers which are often associated with addictions and other risks.
  • Access limitations: Traditional therapeutic choices tend to be located in urban areas away from remote locations. In-clinic appointments are considered costly with limited availability.


Investable Solution

XRHealth provides an affordable and portable hardware-agnostic SaaS solution to treat numerous motor, cognitive and behavioral therapeutic use cases. It is the first medical VR company to obtain FDA & CE certifications, and enjoys a recurring subscription model with large hospital, clinics and insurers clients globally. Our investment enables XRHealth to expand their offering and strategy.





XRHealth platforms enable high-resolution measurement and data analytics via an immersive and mobile therapy experience. Based on ample existing evidence and research, we expect wide implementation of XRHealth’s platform will improve therapy accessibility and efficacy of cognitive and motor rehabilitation and stress-relief. In addition, we expect XRHealth to have a role in transforming traditional pain-management practices, leading to a reduction in painkillers dependency. XRHealth systems will improve health, independence and wellbeing for individuals with a variety of physical and mental conditions.


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