We are affiliated with Bridges Fund Management a leading international impact investing fund manager, setting the standard for impact investing

Established in 2018, Bridges Israel is an independent affiliate of Bridges Fund Management and shares the same underlying investment philosophy. Bridges Israel will draw extensively on the impact expertise and methodologies developed by Bridges’ UK and US teams since 2002.

Our investment thesis is powered by insight and is a proven value creation model

We focus on backing investment-grade companies that help address societal challenges in four areas: health & well-being, education & skills, sustainable living and underserved markets. This thematic focus acts a value driver throughout our investment cycle

We invest in growth businesses and tech companies that are helping tackle pressing societal challenges

Despite 30 years of tremendous economic growth, there is a growing social and economic divide in “The Start-Up Nation”: Israel experiences the highest poverty rate in the OECD and suffers from high unemployment rates in its geographic periphery and amongst specific communities. Israel also suffers from a critical shortage of services in the socio-economic periphery. This is indicative of a wide range of pressing societal needs.

We believe the opportunities for impact investment in Israel stem from this “tale of two economies”. We strive to recognize opportunities for significant growth in less developed regions and disciplines. We also seek to harness Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and invest in technology companies that create social change at both local and global levels.

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