Sustainable Planet

Date of initial investment:

December 2019

Bridges Executives:

Gal Hayut

Management team:

Tal Maor,

Viridix is a soil moisture sensor and software package that leads to improved water productivity and supports the resilience of agriculture systems


Agriculture accounts for almost 70% of the global freshwater withdrawals. Population Growth together with the effects of climate change cause severe pressure on the planet’s water resources which limits the amount of water available for agriculture. In order to meet the increased food demand it is clear that Agriculture will need to produce more with less. In other words, water productivity will have to increase dramatically.


Investable Solution:

Founded in 2016 based on core technology invented in 2015, Viridix is a precision irrigation system powered by real time, hassle free Root Sense soil moisture sensors and a complementary software package. The system enables farmers to better probe soil moister level, as experienced by the root and base irrigation decisions on the plant’s real needs helping them to save water, increase crop yield, raise crop quality, and ultimately increase profits.

The company’s established partnerships with leading irrigation players will accelerate its market penetration. Viridix’s primary focus is orchards and vegetable farms where irrigation is the premier parameter for yield improvement. Nevertheless, due to its cost effectiveness it is also targeting gardening and crops market segments.



Implemented in agriculture fields, Viridix’s high-resolution irrigation optimization systems is enabling the practice of efficient irrigation, improves water productivity and supports the resilience of agriculture systems leading to enhanced food security.


Viridix’s impact thesis aligns with:

SDG 2: Zero Hunger; SDT 2.4, and

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation; SDT 6.4

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