Stronger Communities

Date of initial investment:

May 2018

Bridges Executives:

Sandrine Montsma

Management team:

Or Bokobza, CEO

Venn offers a new way of urban neighbouring that balances city life with more space for community, personal growth and social involvement. Venn creates a positive transformation of urban life by enabling people in cities around the world to live a balanced and meaningful life that will positively impact their community.

Our mission at Venn is to positively transform the way people live in cities around the world. In Bridges we found a partner who understands the importance of measuring both our social and our financial returns. We are proud to be their first impact investment in Israel.

Bokobza, CEO Venn


  •  Lack of affordable high quality housing in cities worldwide
  • Loneliness and stress considered an epidemic of modern urban life.
  • Widening urban divide – economic underdevelopment and limited access to services in underserved neighborhoods of cities

Investable Solution:

By combining quality housing, shared spaces and other amenities with community life in a cost effective structure, Venn will attract young people to move in, improve their quality of life and at the same time improve the neighborhood character. The model is advancing in Tel Aviv, New York and Berlin.

As a management company for neighbourhoods, Venn enjoys three revenue streams: membership fee, rent revenue share, and service transaction fee. In addition, the real estate arm of the company has an upside on future real estate appreciation. Our investment enables Venn to expand their offering in current and new neighborhoods.


We expect that by establishing an urban community, developing services and content, and facilitating responsible economic growth Venn will drive the transformation of poor neighborhoods in cities around the world. Members of the neighborhood community will experience increased life satisfaction, reduced urban loneliness and increased engagement in personal growth activities. Moreover, by introducing the practice of ‘responsible gentrification’ delivered through their housing development solutions, Venn enables surrounding communities to also experience benefits.

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