Bridges Israel invests in technology companies that help foster a healthy and sustainable world.

Israel has the highest number of startups per capita in the world. This innovation and drive holds great potential for positive impact. Israel’s tech hub already demonstrates excellence in areas of great opportunity for global impact such as Foodtech, Agrotech, Watertech, digital-healthcare in addition to technologies aiding the disabled and elderly.

Bridges Israel is the ultimate investor for N-Drip, They fully understand the market and our challenges, adding important value and supporting our strategic decisions. Naturally, bringing Bridges Israel on board means strong commitment to social and environmental impact orientation for N-Drip, which emphasize and support our vision.

Eran Pollak, CEO of N-Drip

Impact Tech – Hi-tech hub with innovative solutions for global impact

Our passion and expertise lies in supporting growing start-up businesses that have the potential to succeed and generate positive and significant effects to people and the planet.

We will focus on technologies that align with our thematic approach and the global sustainable development agenda.

We believe the intersection of our unique investment lens combined with Israel’s outstanding tech ecosystem can result in innovative solutions which can be globally scaled.