Sustainable Planet

Date of initial investment:

August 2018

Bridges Executives:

Ran Grodecki

Management team:

Eran Pollak, CEO

N-Drip is a “Impact Tech” company introducing a new drip irrigation system which will make agricultural irrigation more efficient. N-Drip seeks to address the growing global problems of food insecurity and water scarcity, which are driven by rapid population growth and corresponding growth in demand for agricultural output, and climate change.

N-Drip addresses these challenges by bringing much-needed irrigation efficiency gains to the underserved majority of the market, allowing farmers across widespread and different geographies to produce more while utilizing less water and less fertilizer.

Bridges Israel is the ultimate investor for N-Drip, They fully understand the market and our challenges, adding important value and supporting our strategic decisions. Naturally, bringing Bridges Israel on board means strong commitment to social and environmental impact orientation for N-Drip, which emphasize and support our vision.

Eran Pollak, CEO of N-Drip


  • Water Scarcity: Today, approximately 4 billion people live in areas suffering from water stress. The World Bank projects that by 2030, water demand will likely exceed current sustainable water supplies by 40%
  • Food Insecurity: After a period of steady decrease, hunger and food insecurity are rising across the globe. Food insecurity will continue to proliferate as climate change, urbanization, and soil degradation reduce availability of arable land
  • Inefficient and Expensive Irrigation: Over 80% of the world’s available land is irrigated using flood systems. With flood irrigation, half of the applied water is lost to evaporation, transpiration, runoff, and infiltration of uncultivated areas. Alternative irrigation solutions are too expensive for the majority of farmers and crops.

Investable Solution

N-Drip’s first-to-market gravity-based drip irrigation solution aims to unlock a large, mostly untapped market by offering the water utilization efficiencies of micro-irrigation systems at a significantly lower price point and with reduced operational requirements. N-Drip offers a competitively differentiated irrigation product, which has been developed by a proven leadership team of irrigation experts and can be deployed across widespread geographies to address a largely under-serviced market, thereby generating significant potential for large-scale global impact.


We expect that, by producing, planning and installing irrigation systems, N-Drip will convert significant field area from flood to drip irrigation. The most prominent expected derived outcome will be millions of water cubits savings as N-Drip irrigation efficiency is almost twice that compared to flood irrigation. These savings will translate to an increase in overall cultivated land area (re-cultivating fields that were abandoned due to water scarcity) or, diverted from agriculture to ease the pressure from other essential water uses. Converting commodity crops to drip irrigation will also enable increased crop yield and effective fertilization use.

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