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Date of initial investment:

December 2019

Bridges Executives:

Sandrine Montsma

Ran Grodecki

Management team:

Ibrahim Nassasra,
Shai Amira,

Nazid Impact Food is a school catering business providing healthy meals to schools across Israel while providing Fair Employment to Arab-Bedouin men and women

I consider every Bedouin woman who is out of the unemployment cycle a great achievement. It has the power to dramatically improve her quality of life, influencing her family and the entire Bedouin community”

Ibrahim Nassasra, Founder


Bedouins are a subgroup within the Arab demographic in the State of Israel, with cultural, historical and social uniqueness. Bedouin settlements in the Negev are amongst the most deprived areas in Israel (socio-economic cluster 1). The average wages for employees from the Bedouin society is less than half of the Israeli average while unemployment level is extremely high. Bedouin women rarely engage in the job market, and those who do face many challenges related to transportation, work environment, unfair benefits and salaries as well as other cultural barriers.

Investable Solution:

Founded in 2011 by leading Bedouin entrepreneur Ibrahim Nassasra, Nazid Impact Food is a food-industry business operating from a production facility in Idan HaNegev Industrial Park, Rahat, Israel. The company’s main business is a school meal catering, providing warm meals primarily to Arab schools and pre-school children as well as to independent municipalities, with plans to expand into other regions Israel.  Nazid has top quality ranking enabling the company to gain significant market share. Its factory is equipped with best in class technology and operates under highest quality standards. All of the food produced in the factory is completely preservative-free with the goal of providing healthy and delicious food.

In addition to its successful catering Nazid Impact Food is constantly developing new products, for example, Pri-Kaluf, a business that produce, package and distribute freshly cut fruit and vegetables to retailers and other customers throughout Israel.



Nazid Impact Food was established with the goal of bringing change to the Negev’s Bedouin society.

Nazid’s core impact thesis is improvement in Bedouin families’ income, financial stability and welfare through Fair Employment, specifically for women. The company aims to integrate Bedouin women into the employment cycle and assist them in developing personal and financial independence. It does so by providing a workplace environment specifically adapted for Bedouin women and implementing complementary facets of fair employment, namely; fair wages and benefits, ethics and equality, development and empowerment and cultural sensitivity.

Beyond Fair Employment, as a provider of the Israeli school meals program the company promotes quality and healthy nutrition for underserved children. Considering the prevalence of undernourishment and malnutrition in Israel’s lower socio-economic clusters, as top rated catering by governmental program Nazid helps improve children’s health.


Nazid’s impact thesis aligns with:

SDG #8: Decent Work, SDT 8.5

SDG #10: Reduced Inequalities, SDT 10.1-2

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