Sustainable Planet

Date of initial investment:

November 2018

Bridges Executives:

Gal Hayut

Management team:

Ari Goldfarb, CEO

End-to-end monitoring solutions for smart cities that allow water utilities and industrial customers for the first time, to detect, track and prevent pollution events in their sewer system in real-time. Kando's solution empowers wastewater utilities to identify upstream pollution events, act to minimize pollution, fine polluters and maintain an audit trail for each event. Their IoT product is offered as a cloud-based SaaS solution comprised of monitoring sensors, wireless communication, software and big data analytical tools.

As a self-funded company seeking growth capital, it was important for us to find the right partner. We found with Bridges a true partner who shares our vision and paves with us the path to achieve our ambitious goals. They helped us quantify our impact and shape our unique culture. This has added immense value and gained us a great deal of traction with employees and clients.

Ari Goldfarb, CEO Kando


  • Wastewater treatment efficiency: Treated wastewater often still includes high levels of degradable and non-degradable contamination that is proportional to pollution events in the sewage system itself. Eliminating the source of pollution is therefore critical to prevent environmental and health hazards. However, water utilities are unable to effectively identify sources of sewage grid pollution or track it to pinpoint the responsible polluter. Unidentified or unresolved pollution can in extreme cases, cause the complete malfunctioning of a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Wastewater grids malfunctioning and aging: Wastewater and sewer systems tend to age and suffer from frequent technical malfunctioning. Sewage overflows from aging sanitary and sewer systems, leaking sewage pipes, and malfunctioning sewage treatment plants and pump stations are a major cause of pollution. One of the biggest factors influencing the durability of a system is the level of pollution in the sewage water.

Investable Solution

IoT monitoring sensors and controllers with collection, sampling and wireless communication capabilities, deployed throughout a municipal or industrial customer’s wastewater grid, positioned in selected junctions, able to identify suspicious events, track them and notify in real time.

Cloud-based SaaS data analytics platform logs, collects, organizes, and analyzes sensor data using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that enable minimal sensor deployment to identify suspicious events and help customers to monitor and mitigate wastewater pollution, reducing pollution events over time.


By enabling efficient real time pollution management, Kando reduces the adverse effect of urban wastewater. In the short term Kando reduces the occurrence of wastewater treatment malfunctioning, reduces overall levels of degradable and non-degradable pollution in treated effluents, and mitigates GHG emissions from wastewater treatment processes. In the longer term we expect regular use of Kando’s technology to lead to the implementation of effective pollution prevention technologies (by polluters) that will facilitate continual and sustained reduction of effluents toxicity and alleviate adverse environmental impact of cities’ wastewater systems.

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