As a specialist fund manager dedicated to impact investment, we use an impact-driven approach to create returns for both investors and society as a whole.

Our focus is on four thematic areas that can more accurately be described as three plus one. Three pillars describe WHAT outcomes we are targeting, which are: Health & Wellbeing, Education and Sustainability, and the fourth pillar describes WHO our target beneficiaries are - Underserved communities.

We at Venn are not simply focused on making money but strive to positively transform the way people live. We actively measure our social returns and not just our financial bottom line. That's what the new world calls Impact and we at Venn are honored to share this vision with our partners at Bridges and to be their first impact investment in Israel.

Bokobza, CEO Venn

We focus on the bottom half of Israel’s socio-economic demographic

We are likely to invest in companies directly serving underserved communities and other marginalized groups such as ethnic minorities or the ‘global periphery’. We will look to impact those communities through services and products and through companies with operational activities that create fair, inclusive and upskilling job opportunities and support local economies.

In all of our investments we are striving towards either (or both) significant scale and depth of influence and are also giving consideration to our contribution as investors and our added value when it comes to defining, implementing and measuring our investees impact.

For each investment, we will:

  • Articulate an investment thesis that corresponds with our strategy
  • Consider the interests of all affected stakeholders
  • Outline and mitigate limitations, risks and uncertainties related to the investment’s impact thesis

Case Studies


Enabling people in urban cities worldwide to live a meaningful and balanced life

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Making irrigation efficient, and agriculture sustainable

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Wastewater management system enabling real-time pollution control and tracking

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Sustainable tourism generating socio-economic benefits and cultural diversity

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We are committed to manage our investments towards achievement of our social and environmental objectives

We believe that every investment, regardless of intention, contributes to short- and long-term positive and negative social and environmental effects. In order to manage those impacts we focus on four key criteria, common to all Bridges investments:

  • Target outcomes
  • Additionality
  • Alignment
  • Environmental, social and governance factors (ESG)

These four key criteria provide a holistic view of an investment’s ability to generate positive societal change and help us analyze impact when selecting, engaging and tracking our portfolio.

For each of our four key impact criteria, we have a scoring guide that enables us to analyze both return and risk using the Bridges’ IMPACT RADAR tool.

After establishing a clear impact profile we use a KPI scorecard to track and monitor the impact of our investments across different dimensions. The resulting Impact Scorecard is therefore tailored to each portfolio company, with a focus, above all, on materiality and practicality. We strive to measure actual results, the effects experienced by different stakeholders, and understand in detail who is being affected, what is the scale and depth of influence and what is the investment net contribution to the effect in comparison with existing alternatives.