Sustainable Planet

Date of initial investment:

May 2020

Bridges Executives:

Sandrine Montsma

Management team:

Dr. Shimrit Perkol
Finkel, CEO
Dr. Ido Sella,CTO

High performance environmentally sensitive concrete solutions that enhance the biological and ecological value of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructures

It's time to make a change, and set new environmental standards for coastal and marine construction. We don’t want to stop the progress, but we want to progress in a way that allows marine life to thrive, using nature-based solutions and ecological engineering.

Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, ECOncrete CEO


Coastal ecosystems are among the most modified and threatened globally. Coastal societies have historically armored or hardened shorelines with a variety of engineering structures that are harmful for marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Sea level rise and increased storminess will result in increased development which strengthen the need for a sustainable, bio-enhancing solution.


Investable Solution:

Founded in 2012, ECOncrete developed a suite of high performance environmentally sensitive concrete solutions for urban and marine infrastructures. The technology creates a significant added value through a combination of a unique Admix and patented designs that generates:

  1. Structure stability & durability
  2. Enhanced biological recruitment
  3. Cost effectiveness


ECOncrete addresses the need for reducing the ecological footprint of coastal and marine infrastructures by elevating biodiversity in urbanized shorelines, enhancing ecosystem services of marine environments and increasing CO2 absorption capacity, subsequently supporting coastal ecosystems’ resilience.


Econcrete’s impact thesis aligns with:

SDG #14 Life Below Water, SDT: 14.2

SDG #13 Climate Action, SDT: 13.1

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